Frequently Asked Questions

Our pilot will be released in May 2018! If you would like to sign up your school for beta testing (it's free!), please contact us!

Students and teachers don't sign up for accounts individually; their educational institutions handle the sign-up and the creation of accounts. If you're a student or teacher who wants to use Worldly at your school, tell your school's administration to visit our website and contact us!

Worldly can only be used by students and teachers from verified educational institutions. When students join, they are added to one of our virtual classrooms led by their teacher. The communication with other students is then handled by the teachers: teachers decide whether or not their classrooms connect with other classrooms and act as monitors for student interactions to ensure a safe and educational environment.

If you're beta testing the site, you get Worldly for free during the testing period! More information on post-testing prices will be available as we near our launch date. Stay tuned!

By signing up for beta testing, schools get early access to Worldly free of charge. During the testing period, we'll use feedback from the schools trying out the site to add the finishing touches to Worldly before making it available for purchase. If you'd like to sign up your school for beta testing, please contact us!

Yes. To ensure a safe learning environment for students, students' written conversations, posts, and general activity are recorded for their instructors to review. Games that involve real-time audio/video conversations are not recorded, as these would take up an infeasible amount of memory to record. However, instructors have the ability to sit in on games and review the details of games (e.g., what language a game was set in, how long it was played, etc.). Students can also report cheating, harassment, and other negative experiences to their instructor to help ensure student safety.

Please visit our Contact tab to get in touch with us!