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With Worldly, your students practice foreign languages with other students around the world. Giving your students access to native speakers has never been easier.

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Meet Worldly: a better language exchange

Worldly is a language exchange site designed specifically for high schools. With Worldly, your students practice foreign languages with other students at schools verified by Worldly, learning through exercises and games that supplement lessons in the classroom.

Students only

Only students at verified schools can use Worldly, and only students of similar ages can interact with each other on the site. So you can always be sure that your students are learning with peers from another school.

Learning together

With Worldly, your students interact with native speakers who are learning your students' native language. As your students learn their foreign languages, they also help other students learn their own foreign language, making new friends along the way.

Supplementing lessons

Instructors can monitor students' performances and assign exercises and educational games as homework on Worldly. Different exercises and games help students with different areas, such as oral comprehension or vocabulary, so instructors can create the assignments that help their students the most.

Meeting native speakers just got easier

You don't need expensive exchange programs to give your students access to native speakers. Worldly offers a variety of ways for your students to communicate with native speakers at schools around the world.

Exercises and games

Students can complete exercises and play educational games with each other on Worldly. Students are randomly matched with each other for each exercise or game so that they can meet other students around the world.

Student profiles

Students have personal profiles where they can post statuses and photos to show each other what life is like in other countries. And if two students meet each other through one of Worldly's exercises or games and want to keep in touch, they can add each other as friends on Worldly.

School partnerships

Just as students can meet each other, schools around the world can reach out to each other on Worldly. Through Worldly, schools can form partnerships so that their students can work together more closely.

Discover new tools for language education

Worldly offers instructors a variety of tools to supervise their students' learning. With these tools, instructors can make sure their students get the most out of Worldly.

Analyze performance

Instructors can access statistics on their students' performances in games and exercises. Since different games and exercises test different skills, such as vocabulary or oral comprehension, instructors can determine the areas in which their students are improving and the areas in which their students need more help.

Create assignments

With Worldly, instructors can create assignments that require students to complete certain exercises or play certain games. Instructors can monitor their students' perfomances in exercises and games and see which students have completed their assignments.


Instructors in different countries can collaborate on Worldly, creating assignments that require their students to work together. This way, instructors can encourage their students to learn languages from students of instructors they trust. With Worldly, both students and instructors can make new friends.

Connect your students to the world

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