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With Worldly, your students practice their foreign languages with other students around the world.

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Real-world language practice

With Worldly, students get to interact with native speakers, using their foreign languages in the real world. For example, students learning French in Washington, DC, can play language games with students learning English in Paris. The students in DC get to practice with native French speakers, the students in Paris get to practice with native English speakers, and all the students get to make new friends and experience new cultures.

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What students learn

Speech Bubbles


Experts agree: one of the best ways to learn a language is to practice with native speakers. With Worldly's collaborative games and exercises, students develop spoken and written fluency as they interact with students who are native speakers of their foreign language.

World Marker

World knowledge

With Worldly, students around the world learn together and share their different perspectives on topics ranging from food to art to history. They don't just learn new languages: they learn about the countries and cultures surrounding those languages.


Real-world use

With Worldly, students get to use their language skills to meet students from countries that speak the language. Through Worldly's collaborative games and exercises, students learn to communicate effectively in their foreign language, working with their peers in other countries to complete projects and solve problems.

Why teachers love us



Only students at verified schools can use Worldly, and only students of similar ages can interact with each other on the site. Teachers can always be sure that their students are learning with peers from another school.



From real-time, collaborative exercises to adaptive, intelligent chatbots, Worldly gives teachers new tools for language education. Teachers can monitor all of their students' activity on Worldly, and they get in-depth analytics of students' performance, so they can pinpoint their students' strengths and weaknesses.



Worldly's collaborative games make learning fun. Students get to use their language skills to play games with their peers around the world, becoming more comfortable with a new language and making friends at the same time.

Connect your students to the world

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